Kuwaiti Government’s Crackdown on the Bidoon

Kuwait is home to one of the largest groups of stateless people in the world: the Bidoon. Bidoon is a literal translation of the Arabic word for ‘without’, as it refers to being without a state or nation. More than 100,000 Bidoon live in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government purposely avoided giving the Bidoon people citizenship[…]

Dawood al-Marhoon to spend another birthday on death row in Saudi Arabia

On February 6 2020, Dawood al-Marhoon will turn 25-years-old making this his fifth birthday on death row in Saudi Arabia. Al-Marhoon was arrested without a warrant in May 2012 at the Al-Dammam hospital while being prepared for surgery on an injury he incurred during a peaceful protest. Al-Marhoon was only a teenager when he was[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Mohamed Abdulameer AlMeshaimea

Mohamed Abdulameer AlMeshaimea was a 16-year-old student before his arrest in 2012. He was arrested, tortured and subjected to unfair trials, in violation of his human rights. Mohamed remains arbitrarily detained in the “isolation building”  in Jau Prison. On 28 July 2012, Bahraini security forces, including Special Security Force Command of the Ministry of Interior[…]

Head of Italy’s Democratic Party Issues Statement on Death Sentences of Mohammed Ramadhan and Hussain Ali Moosa

22 January 2020 – On 8 January 2020, Bahrain’s High Criminal Court of Appeal upheld the convictions and death sentences of Mohammed Ramadhan Issa Ali Hussain and Hussain Ali Moosa, which had initially been overturned by Bahrain’s Court of Cassation in October 2018, and the case was returned to the Court of Appeals for re-examination,[…]

Italian Senator Stefania Pucciarelli Sends Letter to King Hamad on Death Sentence of Mohamed Ramadhan and Hussain Moosa

21 January 2020 – On Thursday 9 January, The Italian Senate’s Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee, Stefania Pucciarelli, sent a letter to King Hamad bin Isa of Bahrain, urgently requesting that the Kingdom protect the lives of two Bahraini citizens: Mohamed Ramadhan and Hussain Moosa. On 8 January 2020, Bahrain’s High Criminal Court of[…]