Senator Ron Wyden Submits Statement for the Record on the 10th Anniversary of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Bahrain

8 March 2021, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) submitted a statement for the Congressional Record, addressing Bahrain’s crackdown on peaceful protestors on the 10th anniversary of the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) commends and supports Senator Wyden’s statement and the concerns that he raises. Click here for the[…]

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention: Six Bahrainis are arbitrarily detained and victims of various human rights violations

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) adopted an Opinion on 26 November 2020, concerning Ali Mahdi Abdulhusain Mohamad Alaiwi, Hasan Asad Jasim Jasim Nesaif, Habib Hasan Habib Yusuf, Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed Fakhrawi, Mohamed Ahmed Ali Ahmed Fakhrawi, and Nooh Abdulla Hasan Ahmed Hasan Al Amroom. In the opinion, the WGAD determined[…]

The Five-Year Trend of Political Repression in Bahrain

The last five years in Bahrain have seen a particular uptick in the government’s repression of political and civil rights. Long after the repression of the 2011 revolution, the Bahraini government continues to bar its citizens from exercising any political agency that contrasts with the Al-Khalifa regime’s interests. The tactics of the government have been[…]

15 Rights Groups Urge Biden Administration to Place Human Rights “at the Centre” of US-Bahrain Foreign Policy

5 March 2021 – The Biden administration should act on the president’s campaign promises by restoring human rights “as a key feature of American diplomacy” in Bahrain and the wider Arab Gulf, in light of a dramatic deterioration in the country’s rights record during the previous U.S. administration, 15 human rights groups including the American[…]

Profile In Persecution: Mohamed Abdulla

Profile in Persecution: Mohamed Hasan Abdulla  Mohamed Abdulla was a 55-year-old carpenter when he was brutally arrested during a raid on his house. He was tortured, sexually harassed, and threatened prior to being convicted of charges based on planted evidence. He is currently being refused life-saving treatment as well as doctor appointments for his medical[…]