Profile in Persecution: Salman Ali Hassan

Salman Ali Hassan, a 20-year-old student at an industrial school, was arrested without a warrant in September 2021. After being tortured and forced to confess under duress to the charge of burning an ATM, Salman was sentenced in an unfair trial. Salman is currently serving his sentence in New Dry Dock Prison. On 12 September[…]

Profile in Persecution: Fadhel Sayed Abbas Radhi

Fadhel Sayed Abbas Radhi, a 30-year-old political prisoner, is currently serving a life sentence in AlQurain Prison, Bahrain. He was arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, and sentenced to death; this sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. In prison, Fadhel is suffering from mistreatment and various violations. On 26 September 2016, at dawn, Bahraini riot police[…]

Profile in Persecution: Mohamed AlMutaghawi

Mohamed AlMutaghawi is a 33-year-old political prisoner who had been arbitrarily arrested at a protest in 2017, forcibly disappeared, and sentenced to death, later commuted to life imprisonment, in an unfair trial before the military court. He is currently serving his sentence in AlQurain Prison, where he continues to suffer from mistreatment. On 23 May[…]

Updated Profile in Persecution: Hassan Mushaima

Hassan Mushaima is a prominent Bahraini opposition figure and political prisoner who has been serving his life sentence in Jau Prison since 2011 after being charged with attempting to overthrow the government in light of his role in the pro-democracy demonstrations. During his imprisonment, authorities have been subjecting the 74-year-old to maltreatment and medical negligence.[…]

Profile in Persecution: Dr. Abduljalil AlSingace

Dr. Abduljalil AlSingace is a prominent Bahraini human rights activist and former university professor and engineer, serving his life sentence in Jau Prison since 2011. Dr. Abduljalil was arrested and tortured by security officers following his participation in the 2011 pro-democracy protests at the age of 49 and charged with plotting to topple the government.[…]