Profiles in Persecution: Abdulwahab Husain Ismaeel

Abdulwahab Husain Ismaeel is a 64-year old Bahraini national from the town of Nuwaidrat. He is one of the “Bahrain Thirteen”- a group of thirteen religious leaders, political opposition leaders, and human rights defenders who led non-violent pro-democracy protests in Bahrain in February 2011. He is currently in Jau Prison where he is serving a[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Sadeq Jaafar Ali

Sadeq Jaafar Ali is a 17-year old Bahraini national from the town of Al Aali. Bahraini forces arbitrarily arrested Sadeq, and tortured and interrogated him until he confessed to committing bogus state security crimes, for which he was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison and stripped of his Bahraini nationality in an unfair[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Ahmed Abdulla AlAjaimi

Ahmed Abdulla AlAjaimi is a 21-year old from Karranah, Bahrain. Before his arrest and detention, he was a first year student at Ahlia University. In 2017, he was arbitrarily arrested, disappeared and tortured at the Ministry of Interior (MoI)’s Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID). He is currently in Jau Prison. Authorities have repeatedly arrested Ahmed in[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Ali Sayed Hashem 

Ali Sayed Hashem was a high school student before his arbitrary arrest and torture by Bahraini security forces in July 2017.  Subjected to an unfair trial, Ali is now serving a six-year sentence in New Dry Dock, the section of Jau Prison for individuals under the age of 21, where he has again been tortured[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Redha Merza Mushaima

Redha Merza Mushaima is a 30-year-old Bahraini prisoner from Sanabis. He was arbitrarily arrested, prevented from communicating with his family, and tortured at both the Ministry of Interior (MoI)’s Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and the Riffa Police Station. He is currently in Jau Prison. At approximately 2:00am on 4 March 2014, a group of Bahraini[…]