Profile in Persecution: Ahmed Hasan Kadhem

Ahmed Hasan Kadhem is a 27-year-old Bahraini citizen. Since his arbitrary arrest in 2015, and subsequent detention in 2016, Bahraini authorities have subjected Ahmed to torture, ill-treatment, and an unfair trial. He is currently in Jau Prison. On 14 June 2015, officers from the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) arrested Ahmed from his house without a[…]

Profile in Persecution: Mohamed Abdulla AlSankis

Mohamed Abdulla AlSankis is a 53-year-old Bahraini and a former Ministry of Works laboratory technician. He was arrested in 2012 without a warrant and has since been arbitrarily detained and denied medical treatment while serving a 12.5 year prison sentence resulting from an unfair trial. On 15 May 2012, Mohamed was sleeping when roughly 15[…]