Profiles in Persecution: Abbas Ismaeel Ghuloom

Abbas Ismaeel Ghuloom was a professional football player in Bahrain, having played for the Manama Club and the national team between the years 2000 and 20O2. He graduated from Ahlia University and worked as an accountant in the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait for seven years. In March 2011, he was violently arrested and tortured.[…]

Profiles in Persecution : Ahmed Hasan AlMadhoon

Ahmed Hasan AlMadhoon was a 19 year old bus driver when he was violently arrested, for unknown reasons, on 14 March 2015. Since then, he has been subjected to torture, enforced disappearance and convicted in an unfair trial. Currently, Ahmed is serving a sentence in Jau Prison. On 14 March 2015 while Ahmed was at[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Abdulla Ali AlSemoom

Abdulla Ali AlSemoon, a former professional footballer who played for the Bahrain National Football team (2007-8) as well as Busaiteen Club, is currently arbitrarily imprisoned in Jau Prison. On 19 April 2014, Abdulla was arrested when a bomb went off in his car. After being transferred to hospital he was later subjected to torture and[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Fahdel Hasan Abdulnabi

On 23 June 2018, Fahdel’s human rights were violated when he was arrested without a warrant, tortured and subjected to an unfair trial. At the time of Fahdel’s arrest, his three brothers were already convicted and imprisoned, and authorities were constantly raiding his house. At present, Fahdel remains in Jau Prison, where he has been[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Yusuf Husain Yusuf Ahmed Mohammed Ali

Yusuf Husain Yusuf Ahmed Mohammed Ali was subjected to torture during interrogation before being arbitrarily detained in Bahrain’s Jau prison. On 15 September 2017, the 24 year old engineering student turned himself in at the Roundabout 17 Police Station in Hamad Town on condition that his cousin be released from custody. Yusuf’s cousin was previously[…]