Bahrain’s Use of Travel Bans Are Reprisals Against Activists and HRDs

The Government of Bahrain has increasingly used travel bans to prevent human rights defenders and activists from travelling abroad. In its ongoing suppression of dissent and political criticism, it has engaged in reprisals against human rights defenders and activists, in particular by preventing them from advocating at the United Nations (UN) or speaking at international[…]

Bahraini government continues to target civil society for human rights work

On 11 July 2016, prominent political activist Ebrahim Sharif completed his one-year prison sentence and was released from Bahrain’s Jau Prison. The Government of Bahrain arrested Sharif on 12 July 2015 for a speech he gave and later charged him with “inciting hatred.” Prosecutors are now seeking to extend Sharif’s sentence for the same charges[…]

Travel Ban Prevents Journalist From Leaving Bahrain

In 2011, Nazeeha Saeed, a journalist, arrived at the Pearl Roundabout to report on the protests.  Later, Bahraini officials called her in for an interrogation where she suffered abuse. Now, in 2016 Saeed continues to be punished by the government for her coverage of the 2011 protests in the form of an unofficial travel ban.[…]