Profiles in Persecution: Salman Isa Salman

Salman Isa Salman is a 34-year-old Bahraini who is currently facing the death sentence. On 27 December 2014, without presentation of a warrant, security forces beat and detained him during a house raid. They then transported him to a farm and beat him again while he was handcuffed. Bahraini television, which is closely controlled by[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Sami Ahmed Meftah

Sami Ahmed Meftah is a 38-year-old Bahraini citizen who was subjected to torture and psychological abuse while in the custody of Bahraini security forces. According to local testimony gathered by ADHRB, on 7 April 2011 Bahraini security forces – reportedly accompanied by Saudi personnel – seized Sami during a home raid. (This occurred during the[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Khalil Ebrahim al-Saffar

Khalil Ebrahim al-Saffar is a 21-year-old Bahraini citizen who was detained on 15 September 2015 from his family’s home. Six security officers raided the house without a warrant or any explanation. The family was informed that Khalil would be returned after an hour-long interrogation; instead, he never came back home. In CID custody, interrogators stripped[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Ebtesam Abdulhusain al-Saegh

Ebtesam Abdulhusain al-Saegh is a Bahraini human rights activist who has been subjected to detention and torture by Bahraini security forces because of her work. Ebtesam was harassed by the government for a year prior to her current detention. In June of 2016 authorities imposed a travel ban on her to prevent her from attending[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Najah Ahmed Yusuf

The Government of Bahrain has targeted numerous internationally renowned human rights defenders in reprisal for their work. Many, including Nabeel Rajab and Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, are known around the world, with their cases documented by human rights organizations, governments, and the United Nations. However, the Bahraini government’s attack on peaceful dissent and opposition has cast a[…]