Profile in Persecution: Alaa Mansoor Ansaif

Alaa Mansoor Ansaif was a 17-year-old student studying electrical engineering when he was warrantlessly arrested by officers in civilian clothing in a house raid. He was then forcibly disappeared, subjected to physical and psychological torture, and forced to sign a confession.  He is currently held at Jau Prison where he is being subjected to severe[…]

UN Experts Send Allegation Letter to Bahrain Regarding Severe Violations in the Cases of Sheikh Zuhair Jasim Abbas and Ali AbdulHusain AlWazeer

Four United Nations (UN) Special Procedures offices have published on their website the allegation letter sent to the Government of Bahrain on June 28, 2021, concerning the human rights violations faced by Sheikh Zuhair Jasim Mohamed Abbas and Ali AbdulHusain Ali Hasan Ali AlWazeer. These included arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, torture, and non-access to due[…]

Profile in Persecution: Sayed Hashem Mohsen Fadhul

Sayed Hashem Mohsen Fadhul was an 18-year-old Bahraini national who was arbitrarily arrested in 2015. He has been subjected to torture and ill-treatment on multiple occasions and is currently held in Jau prison where he is serving his sentences. Sayed Hashem was arrested on 30 May 2015 in Bani Jamra as he was going to[…]

French MPs Urge the Foreign Minister to Make France’s Position Clear on the Violations of Human Rights in Bahrain, Amidst International Concern for Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace and Hassan Mushaima

On August 30, 2021, Sandra Marsaud and Éric Girardin, Members of Parliament (MPs) for France, drew the attention of the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain. Ms. Marsaud and Mr. Girardin are both French National Assembly members, and have represented La Republique En Marche[…]

Profile in Persecution: Husain Ali Husain (Shaikh)

Husain Ali Husain was a 23-year-old Bahraini student when he was arrested without a warrant in an ambush. Husain was tortured and subjected to several human rights violations, including infringements on his due process and fair trial rights. He is currently held in Jau Prison. On 28 December 2018, riot police and intelligence forces set[…]