Profiles in Persecution: Abbas Ismaeel Ghuloom

Abbas Ismaeel Ghuloom was a professional football player in Bahrain, having played for the Manama Club and the national team between the years 2000 and 2002. He graduated from Ahlia University and worked as an accountant in the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait for seven years. In March 2011, he was violently arrested, tortured, and[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Ali Hasan Ali

Updated: Ali Hasan Ali is a 22-year-old Bahraini citizen who was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to a total of 23 years’ imprisonment in a series of unfair trials. Ali is currently imprisoned at Jau Prison. On 22 October 2012, police arrested Ali, who was only 15 years old at the time, near AlKhawaja Mosque in[…]

Profile in Persecution: Hasan Hameed Meshaimea

Updated: Hasan Hameed Meshaimea was 25 years old when he was warrantlessly arrested in a pool by masked police officers. He was then subjected to physical and psychological torture and forced to confess. He is currently held at Dry Dock Detention Center where he is still awaiting the judgment of his trial. On 1 October[…]

Profile in Persecution: Murtadha Abdali Khatam

Murtadha Abdali Khatam is a 21-year-old Bahraini who was warrantlessly arrested in 2015, subjected to multiple human rights violations – including torture and unfair trial – and charged in multiple cases. He is currently serving his sentence at Jau Prison. Murtadha and his twin brother, Muntadhar, who is also currently detained, were arrested so they[…]

Profile in Persecution: Abbas AbedAli Husain

Abbas Abed-Ali Husain, a maintenance worker at the Ministry of Interior, was warrantlessly arrested from his father’s house in Al-Eker, tortured during investigations, and sentenced on various charges. He is currently serving his sentence at Jau Prison. Abbas was arrested in 2012 following the pro-democracy demonstrations. He was sentenced to one year in prison on[…]