United Nations Human Rights Committee Conducts Follow-up Review Of Human Rights Situation in Bahrain, Addresses Escalation of Repression

  On 19 July 2022, the United Nation’s (UN) held the 135th Session of the Human Rights Committee (CCPR). During this session the Special Rapporteur on Follow-up to Concluding Observations, Vasilka Sancin, offered a progress report on Bahrain’s efforts to address those concerns and recommendations raised by the HRC as part of its 3516th meeting[…]

House Raises Concern over Bahrain Government’s Human Rights Abuses, Calls for State Department Report on Upcoming Bahrain Election

The House Appropriations Committee expressed deep concerns over ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain and required the US State Department to prepare a report detailing its actions to ensure free and fair parliamentary elections in Bahrain in November 2022.  The Committee’s actions were included in the Report to accompany the Fiscal Year 2023 State, Foreign[…]

Joint Letter: Make any meeting with King Hamad contingent on tangible human rights reforms

14 July 2022 Dear Mr. President, We are writing to raise serious concerns about your confirmed participation in the upcoming Jeddah Summit on 15 and 16 July given that the leaders attending this summit are some of the most brutal authoritarian rulers today. We understand that one-on-one bilateral meetings between heads of state often accompany[…]

Yemen: The Forgotten War’s Crimes Must Be Remembered

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, the topic of war crimes is once again being debated in mainstream media. Putin’s army is committing atrocious acts such as the killing of innocent civilians, targeting non-military institutions, and mistreatment of prisoners of war. These crimes are broadcast globally and rightfully condemned. Already, we have[…]

The self-respect of democracy

Read anything said about democracy and America by President Kennedy and President Reagan; read anything about Saudi Arabia’s bloody record of its repression of democracy and human rights; then try not to feel embarrassed and angry by the news that the President of the United States is travelling to Saudi Arabia to kiss the ring[…]