Profile in Persecution: Abbas AbedAli Husain

Abbas Abed-Ali Husain, a maintenance worker at the Ministry of Interior, was warrantlessly arrested from his father’s house in Al-Eker, tortured during investigations, and sentenced on various charges. He is currently serving his sentence at Jau Prison. Abbas was arrested in 2012 following the pro-democracy demonstrations. He was sentenced to one year in prison on[…]

Living in Agony: The Long Term Effects of Torture in Bahrain

In Bahrain, much attention is paid to the victims of torture immediately after the event, but those same victims can sometimes be forgotten when new, equally horrible treatment against equally innocent people comes to light. This study attempts to rectify the issue, looking at the long-term effects of torture from victims that experienced their trauma[…]

Profile in Persecution: Hasan Ahmed Radhi Mohamed ( Sarhan )

Hasan Ahmed Radhi Mohamed was a recent high school graduate when Bahraini authorities arrested him in 2012.  He has been subjected to human rights violations on multiple occasions, including torture and unfair trial when was charged in the case of establishing and joining a terrorist cell, the February 14 Coalition, as well as in other[…]

Profile in Persecution: Sayed Ahmed Fuad AlAbbar

Sayed Ahmed al-Abbar is a 26-year-old old Bahraini from Karrana who was warrantlessly arrested in 2016 and charged in a terrorism and murder case. He was severely tortured to coerce a confession and was sentenced to death. He is currently on the death row and faces the threat of execution at any moment. Prior to his[…]

Unable to hide its human rights abuses, Bahrain the focus of UN scrutiny in 2022

In 2022, human rights violations in Bahrain were repeatedly the focus of the United Nations Special Procedures offices and the bodies responsible for monitoring the implementation of international treaties and agreements. The UN working group on arbitrary detention issued opinions on the cases of political prisoners it considered to be arbitrarily detained by the Bahraini[…]