How the UAE is adding fuel to the fire in the Sudan war

The ongoing civil war in Sudan, characterised by relentless violence and humanitarian crises, has been significantly exacerbated by the covert intervention of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Operating under the pretext of humanitarian aid for refugees, the UAE has been secretly supporting one faction in the conflict. This includes providing advanced weaponry and drones, intensifying[…]

Profile in Persecution: Mohamed Hasan Abdulla (AlRamel)

Updated: Mohamed Hasan Abdulla (AlRamel) was a 55-year-old carpenter when he was arrested on 3 November 2015 during a raid on his house. During his detention, he was tortured, sexually harassed, and threatened before being convicted of charges based on planted evidence. He is currently serving his life sentence in Jau Prison, isolated in Building[…]

Women’s rights in Kuwait: a road full of obstacles

The women’s rights situation in Kuwait is similar to that of other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, where the male guardianship system limits women’s autonomy to make decisions about their lives. Discrimination against women in Kuwait is well reflected in the country’s two personal status laws (PSLs) codified in 1984 and 2019. Laws that regulate[…]

Profile in Persecution: Hasan Mushaima

Updated: Mr. Hasan Mushaima is a prominent Bahraini opposition figure and political prisoner who has been serving his life sentence in Jau Prison since 2011 after being charged with attempting to overthrow the government in light of his role in the pro-democracy demonstrations. During his imprisonment, authorities have been subjecting the 76-year-old to maltreatment and[…]

Incomprehensible ideas to address climate change: a futuristic ski resort in the middle of the Saudi desert

Snow-covered mountains, people skiing, and luxury accommodations are some of the images Saudi Arabia wants to imprint in people’s minds about Trojena, one of four major parts, alongside The Line, Oxagon, and Sindalah, of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s brainchild: “NEOM”, a $550 billion “giga-project” that aims to show the world Saudi Arabia’s grand[…]