AI Regulation in Saudi Arabia: Innovation over Human Rights

With the global rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), countries have increasingly adopted regulations to restrict the use of this new technology, exemplified by the AI Act in the European Union. In contrast, Gulf governments have taken a more business-friendly approach to AI regulation, raising concerns about potential breaches of their populations’ privacy rights. Notably, Saudi[…]

Diverting attention from human rights abuses: the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia

On July 3, 2024, the Esports World Cup, the largest global event of its kind, will kick off in Saudi Arabia amid controversy in the gaming community. Saudi’s last attempt to become a hub for international esports has, once more, triggered discussions about the ethical implications of hosting major sports -and esports- events in countries[…]

50 Years Since the Establishment of the UAE State Security Apparatus: a Look into Years of Repression and Lies.

The State Security Apparatus (SSA) was set up by Federal Decree on June 10 1974 with the purpose to “protect the State security”. However, the reality is that it has been used as a tool of repression against dissenting voices, especially since the Arab Spring in 2011. Initially, the SSA was set up under the[…]

Assessing Bahrain’s Rule of Law and Accountability in Preventing Human Rights Violations

1- Introduction Bahrain has faced significant criticism due to its local laws and practices that violate international human rights obligations, specifically regarding the freedom of assembly and expression of opinion. Bahrain has been accused of using arbitrary arrests and unfair trials, as well as torture and medical negligence, as reprisals against  opponents and human rights[…]

Ethical Dilemmas in Diplomacy: The Biden Administration and Bahrain’s Human Rights

The United States has been increasing its focus on the Middle East since World War II. In order to maintain a consistent U.S. Navy presence in the region, the Middle East Force was established in 1949. This allowed for broader engagement, leading to a significant military partnership.                […]