Profile in Persecution: Ali Isa Abdulla Yusuf Jasim

Updated: Ali Isa Jasim was a 15-year-old high school student when he was arrested without a warrant along with other young boys by officers in civilian clothing. He was subjected to enforced disappearance for a week and denied contact with his family. At only 15 years of age, he was one of 51 individuals subjected[…]

Profile in Persecution: Habib Ali AlFardan

Habib Ali AlFardan was a 30-year-old Bahraini shop owner from Sar, who had undergone brain tumor removal less than four months before his arrest in 2015 after his house was raided at dawn. After being forcibly disappeared and tortured, Habib was convicted in an unfair trials. He is currently serving his sentence in Jau Prison.[…]

Profile in Persecution: Hasan Ali Rashed

Hasan Ali Rashed is a 18-year-old Bahraini from Karrana, who is charged along with 20 others in a terrorism case known as “Al-Ashtar Brigades”. He was arbitrarily arrested, prevented from completing his studies, and tortured during investigations. He is currently serving his sentence at Jau prison. At approximately 5:00am on 26 November 2021, a group[…]

Profile in Persecution: Abduljabbar Isa Mohamed

Updated: Abduljabbar Isa Mohamed was a 20-year-old Bahraini worker at a McDonald’s when he was arrested without a warrant in November 2021. He was sentenced in a mass trial lacking fair trial procedures for a duration of ten years. Currently, Abduljabbar is suffering, along with many political prisoners, from the escalating policy of medical negligence[…]

Profile in Persecution: Faris Husain Salman

Updated – Faris Habib Husain, was an 18-year-old student when he was beaten and arrested without a warrant in a house raid. He was consequently tortured and subjected to fair trial violations. He is currently serving his 10-year sentence at Jau prison. On 9 February 2021, Faris was summoned by a call to his father[…]