Human Rights in the UAE: Insights from the Fourth Universal Periodic Review

Fourth Cycle UPR Overview During the fourth Universal Periodic Review (UPR) cycle of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), numerous recommendations were made by states urging human rights reforms across various thematic areas, especially freedom of expression, death penalty, torture, independence of the judiciary and fair trial. In total, 323 recommendations were presented to the State[…]

Assessing Bahrain’s Rule of Law and Accountability in Preventing Human Rights Violations

1- Introduction Bahrain has faced significant criticism due to its local laws and practices that violate international human rights obligations, specifically regarding the freedom of assembly and expression of opinion. Bahrain has been accused of using arbitrary arrests and unfair trials, as well as torture and medical negligence, as reprisals against  opponents and human rights[…]

Universal Periodic Review on Saudi Arabia, May 2024

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record continues to be deeply concerning. This report includes the four most alarming points at present in Saudi Arabia;  including the killing of migrants, repression of dissidents and systemic discrimination against women. The following sectors covered by this report violate international Human Rights standards and demand urgent attention. Criminal Justice, Arbitrary[…]