ADHRB Weekly Newsletter 40

The Importance of Constituent Engagement

On 18 February, Students for Islamic Awareness and the Arab Student Union at University of Michigan Dearborn, in conjunction with ADHRB, held an event to raise awareness about the systematic government crackdown on innocent physicians and human rights defenders in Bahrain in an attempt to quell legitimate calls for human rights and democratic representation. Attendees then translated the information they heard into action by signing letters to their senators and representatives in Congress, asking them to take a stand for human rights in Bahrain. ADHRB has held similar community events in Connecticut and New Jersey, and the importance of such events must not be overlooked. It is this type of constituent mobilization that raises the profile of the grave human rights violations occurring in Bahrain to the national arena.
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Upcoming Events

February 25
9 – 1030 am
Is International Religious Freedom Policy Becoming Respectable?

February 25
10 – 1130 am
Women in New Arab Politics

February 25
1130 am – 130 pm
US Diplomacy with Adversaries

February 25
12 – 130 pm
The State of International Order

February 25
1230 – 2 pm
The EU and US as Human Rights Actors

February 26
4 – 5 pm
Why EU Human Rights Diplopmacy Matters

February 27
630 – 745 pm
2014 Annual Kuwait Chair Lecture