Bahrain Weekly Newsletter 64

Bahrain Strips Nine Nationals of Citizenship

Nine Bahraini opposition activists convicted on Wednesday of various public security charges have been stripped of their citizenship, said their defense lawyer.
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Updates from the Ground

  • 8 arrested, including one child
  • 40 trials postponed
  • 20 sentenced to a total of 150 years of incarceration
  • 9 revoked of citizenship over charges of spying
  • Previous 31 stripped of citizenship accused of “illegal residence”
  • Detention renewed for 14 individuals for a total of 500 days
  • 60 protests take place in different areas of Bahrain
  • 3 clerics (Shia & Sunni) banned from addressing Friday prayers
  • Prison visits for families of detainees canceled on Eid
  • Toddler Mohammad Yaqoub denied ID papers
  • Detainee Abbas Ebrahim’s family subjected to warrant-less house raids
  • Villages of Saar and Sitra targeted with heavy tear gas



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