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Obama Needs to Have a “Tough Conversation” with His Gulf Allies

Executive Director Husain Abdulla writes that following successful negotiations with both Iran and the Gulf, it’s time for Obama to push harder on human rights in GCC countries.

The Obama administration’s new settlement with Iran won rare cautious optimism from many pessimists. With some (explicitly politically motivated) exceptions, professors, former U.S. government officials, and think-tank experts specializing in arms control and international policy expressed approval for the deal. The reaction from Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud was perhaps most shocking of all…

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Formula One and Human Rights

Formula One Back in Bahrain Amid Heightened Rights Concerns– Middle East Eye

Formula One Reverses Rights Stance in Runup to Bahrain Grand Prix – The Guardian

When News Overtook the Bahrain Grand Prix– New York Times

Real Life v The Bahraini Grand Prix– Huffington Post

Bahrain’s Formula 1 Protests– Vice News

Human Rights and Formula One– ESPN

Before Bahrain, F1 Announces ‘Due Diligence’ on Human Rights– DW

Amnesty Warns Abuses “Unabated” before Bahrain Grand Prix– The Guardian

FOM Affirms Commitment To Human Rights Before Controversial Bahrain GP– Formula Spy



Updates from the Ground in Bahrain
  • More than 53 people arrested, including 8 children
  • 1 person sentenced to 1 year in prison
  • More than 114 trials postponed
  • Security forces continue to use excessive force including tear gas and shotgun pellets against protesters

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Bahrain News and Opinion

Canadian MP sends letter to Canadian MFA
MP Wayne Marston urges Canada’s Foreign Minister to call for Nabeel Rajab’s release.
Bahrain: Dissidents in Jaw Prison ‘subjected to mass torture’ 
Recent riot at the infamous Jaw Prison has led to a bloody crackdown with harrowing episodes of mass torture by riot police.
Amnesty International has monitored human rights developments in Bahrain, which have seen widespread violations by government forces.

Arabic Sources

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Please click here for a PDF of this article in English

Saudi Arabia: Waleed Abu al-Khair Marks Year Behind Bars

The prominent Saudi activist and lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair has completed a year of a 15-year prison term that stems solely from his peaceful criticism of the Saudi government and human rights advocacy. Read more here.

More News from Saudi Arabia