ADHRB at HRC: Extrajudicial Killings in Bahrain

On March 16, 2016, at the 31st session of the Human Rights Council, Yousif Baddah, on behalf of ADHRB, BIRD, and BCHR delivered an Item 5 General Debate oral intervention in which he spoke about extrajudicial killings in Bahrain.

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Mr. President,

On behalf of Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, and the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, I would like to take this opportunity to brief your excellency on the violations of fundamental human rights in my country, Bahrain, including extrajudicial killing, which resulted in the deaths of a large number of peaceful protesters.

Among those who were killed by governmental forces in cold blood is my son Ali al-Badah, who was 16 years old. He was deliberately run over by security forces during his participation in a peaceful protest demanding rights, justice, and dignity, which caused his death, as he was run over several times and his body was cut and scattered in pieces.

Security authorities not only killed my son but they personally targeted me on the third anniversary of his death. I was in a candle march commemorating his death, and I was shot with a tear gas canister in my eye, which resulted in losing eyesight in my left eye.

Mr. President, those who committed these crimes against me, my son, and all other victims remain free. They were not brought to court, which falls under the policy of impunity followed by the Bahraini authorities.

With all the victims’ families, we join the High Commissioner in his calls to the Council to end impunity and hold accountable all officials responsible for the crimes of killing and torture in my country, Bahrain.

Thank you,