Profiles in Persecution: Mohamed Abdulameer AlMeshaimea

Mohamed Abdulameer AlMeshaimea was a 16-year-old student before his arrest in 2012. He was arrested, tortured and subjected to unfair trials, in violation of his human rights. Mohamed remains arbitrarily detained in the “isolation building”  in Jau Prison.

On 28 July 2012, Bahraini security forces, including Special Security Force Command of the Ministry of Interior and the National Security Agency, as well as masked men in plain clothes, arrested Mohamed and his friend in Daih’s streets. The forces did not mention the reason for the arrest, nor did they provide a warrant.

The officers disappeared Mohamed, taking him to the Al Khamis police station and torturing and beating Mohamed and his friend, which caused Mohamed to suffer from hematuria (presence of blood in his urine). He was transferred to Al Qalaa Hospital, where he only received painkillers. Mohamed was not able to contact his family. Police officers did not give any information about his whereabouts to his family. One of the officers just told them they would inform them if their sons were killed. Another officer insulted their sons on sectarian basis. Mohamed was denied access to his attorney during his disappearance, he was only allowed to call her once he was transferred to the Dry Dock Detention Center and during the court hearings.

Mohamed was charged in three cases: burning tires in the first case; burning a bus and a patrol vehicle; and attacking a civilian. He was sentenced to a combined 23 years of imprisonment as well as a fine of 15500 Bahraini dinars, during three different trials from 5 June 2013 until 23 October 2013. On appeal, his sentence was reduced from 23 years to 21 years in prison. Mohamed was denied access to his attorney, without having adequate time and facilities to prepare the trial. He was not able to present evidence or to challenge evidence presented against him.  From 26 May to 2 July 2016, Mohamed was prevented from calls and family visits, a total of 37 days. Mohamed’s family filed a complaint to the Ministry of Interior Ombudsman, but the Ombudsman did not take any action.

Mohamed’s arrest and imprisonment are in violation of Bahrain’s international law obligations, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading treatment or Punishment (CAT), to each of which Bahrain has acceeded. The arbitrary detention of Mohamed and his arrest without presenting any reason or warrant are in violation of Article 9 and 14 of the ICCPR. Additionally, the torture that Bahraini officers subjected Mohamed to is in violation of Article 7 of the ICCPR and the CAT.

Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) calls on the government to release Mohamed Adbulameer AlMeshaimea and to proceed to a new trial, if serious criminal charges can be brought against him, in light of its international obligations. Finally, we call on the government to investigate allegations of torture and ill treatment, and to provide appropriate medical care.