ADHRB’s oral intervention at HRC43 on the struggle for self determination in Bahrain

ADHRB has delivered an oral interventions at the resumption of the United Nation Human Rights Council 43 under item 8 of the General Debate on the struggle for self determination in Bahrain.


Madam President
According to Vienna Declaration and Program of Action; All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status, and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. Denial of the rights of self-determination is deemed to be a serious violation of human rights.

We would like to raise the consistent efforts and policies by the Alkhalifa government in Bahrain to deny the people of Bahrain their right to self-determination when it comes to determining the political system they want to be ruled under. Since early 2011 the Bahraini government arrested leaders of the political opposition and human rights movements in the country who called and advocated for self-determination. The Bahraini governments used existing and newly introduced anti-terror laws which was designed to go after political opponent of the government to basically crush the self-determination movement in Bahrain.

The leader of the political opposition in Bahrain Mr. Hasan Mushaima is serving life in prison because he led and called and advocated for the rights of the people to self-determination. Other leaders of the movements like Mr. Abdulwahab Husain, Shaikh Ali Salman, and Dr. Abduljalil Alsingace serving life in prison for advocating for the same right. We are seriously concerned about the lack of consistent medical care that the leaders of the self-determination movement in Bahrain requires which is currently been denied and hindered by the Alkhalifa government of Bahrain.