ADHRB urges the international community to pressure Bahrain into implementing UPR recommendations

On 24 March, ADHRB has delivered an oral intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 49 under item 6, during the General debate. ADHRB urges the international community to pressure Bahrain into implementing UPR recommendations.

Mr. President,

With Bahrain’s Fourth Cycle Review set to begin in May, ADHRB would like to bring to the Council’s attention Bahrain’s failure to effectively implement most of the 143 recommendations it had supported during its Third Cycle Review.

Bahrain had committed to ensuring accountability for victims of torture, eradicating discrimination on the basis of religion, releasing all prisoners of conscience, and protecting the rights to freedom of expression and assembly, among other human rights issues in the country.

Since 2017, Bahrain’s human rights record has only worsened, amidst the prevalent culture of impunity and silencing of dissident voices. Victims of torture are still imprisoned based on coerced confessions while their torturers face no legal accountability for their crimes. Shia worshippers are summoned, arrested, and forced to sign pledges for practicing the religious rituals of their sect, including merely raising banners over their own homes. Prominent activists such as Hasan Mushaima and Abdulhadi AlKhawaja are still imprisoned despite their arbitrary detention for practicing their rights of freedom of expression, assembly, and association. Finally, citizens, journalists, and activists are constantly harassed for posts made on social media or for their participation in peaceful demonstrations.

In light of this, ADHRB calls on the international community to pressure Bahrain to seriously implement the UPR recommendations which it had committed to, in order to ensure that it ceases systemic violation of human rights on various fronts and achieves international human rights standards.

Thank you.