NGOs call on the Council to recommend the end of war in Yemen to the Security Council

On 23 March, ADHRB and other NGOs has delivered an oral intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 52 under item 4 during the General debate. NGOs call on the Council to recommend the end of war in Yemen to the Security Council.

Mr. President,

We point your attention to the oil sector in Yemen, where the Coalition backed Hadi Government and the unelected Presidential Leadership Council have obstructed the Yemeni people’s realization of their full economic rights by mismanaging and misallocating the resources within Yemen’s territory. Not only have they neglected to maintain proper functioning pipelines that have caused massive environmental damage in the Shabwa governorate, the Coalition backed Presidential Leadership Council have loaded oil onto tankers for sale but have not used the proceeds for its traditional purposes of paying public sector salaries and shoring up the Yemeni Rial with sound monetary policies that support economic development. On the contrary, we have received and verified reports that proceeds were not being deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen but instead deposited in foreign bank accounts and misallocated to the detriment of an entire nation. The continued misallocation of Yemen’s oil proceeds, marked by the nonpayment of public sector salaries and unsound monetary policies, indicates that the Coalition and the administrations it backs choose to use civilian suffering as a card in its ceasefire and political negotiations, all in a futile, yet tragic attempt at gaining an advantage that only results in more serious human rights violations, abuses and crimes and overall civilian suffering. The U.N. should no longer tolerate this but instead demand that the inherent rights of the Yemeni people be upheld. We call on the Council to make a recommendation to the Security Council to consider a new resolution demanding an end to the war and its accompanying rights violations, abuses and crimes.

Thank you.