Saudi Mistreatment of Rohingya Refugees in Detention

Rohingya Muslims residing in a Saudi Arabian detention center launched their third hunger strike according to Al Jazeera. The strike was launched to protest the poor conditions within the Saudi detention centers. Authorities have reacted by threatening to deprive strikers of water and taking away necessities like pillows, shirts, and other essential items. Saudi Arabia[…]

World Refugee Day: Hodeidah and Yemen’s Internally Displaced Population

One week ago, Saudi- and Emirati-led coalition forces launched an offensive against the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. In what has become the largest battle of the violent conflict, the attack has signaled not only an escalation in violence, but the urgency of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in[…]

Saudi Nationals Contribute to Human Trafficking Domestically and Abroad

Like most of the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia is a destination country for human trafficking. Migrant and domestic workers travel from Southeast Asia, Africa, and East Asia in order to make more money to send home to their families. Once in Saudi Arabia, many laborers, especially female domestic workers, are[…]