Newsletter #102

Barack Obama Must Push King Hamad to Free Nabeel Rajab, Bahrain’s Nelson Mandela Nabeel Rajab has been accused by the prosecution service of “spreading tendentious rumors” about Bahrain Dear President Obama, When you first entered the political scene, I was initially sceptical that someone who shared my name would ever sit in the Oval Office.[…]

Mapping Saudi State Chapter 2: The MOI (Part 1)

* Best viewed in full screen mode In Mapping the Saudi State, Chapter 2: The Ministry of Interior (Part 1), ADHRB details the workings of the Saudi ministry tasked with ensuring internal stability and enforcing criminal law. Through an interactive presentation and a comprehensive written report, ADHRB focuses on how those ministry agencies most crucial[…]

USCIRF Releases Annual Report on Religious Freedom

العربية 30 April- The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released their Annual Report 2015, highlighting both the progress and regression the international community has achieved over the last year as it relates to religious tolerance. Specifically in its section on Bahrain, the report highlights the continued state of religious discrimination of[…]

Newsletter #101

Leading Bahraini Activist’s Detention Extended Nabeel Rajab has been accused by the prosecution service of “spreading tendentious rumors” about Bahrain Bahrain on Sunday extended by two weeks the period of detention for prominent rights activist Nabeel Rajab, accused of spreading false news, for the second time this month. Rajab’s family say he was arrested on April[…]

Sacrifice to the State – Capital Punishment in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

In 2014, around 72% of the world’s recorded executions took place in the Gulf.  Despite global trends moving away from capital punishment, countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have demonstrated a renewed commitment to the death penalty. Saudi Arabia, the third most prolific executioner in the world, has not only failed to reduce its use[…]