Bahrain Deporting 8 After Revoking their Citizenship

**Correction: This post originally suggested that the individuals were deported at once; in fact, the deportations occurred over several days following the initial order. Additionally, the government deported eight total individuals, with reports that another denaturalized individual left the country ahead of the order. 29 January 2018 – Bahraini authorities have issued deportation orders to[…]

Bahraini officials deport human rights lawyer Taimoor Karimi

On 26 June 2016, the government of Bahrain deported human rights lawyer Taimoor Karimi to Iraq. Bahraini forces arrested Karimi in 2011 for participating in demonstrations during the pro-democracy movement. In 2012, authorities revoked Karimi’s citizenship, along with 30 journalists, human rights defenders, and opposition figures. Without his citizenship, Karimi was not able to legally[…]