ADHRB Weekly Newsletter 29

ADHRB Exclusive Interview: Activist Travis Brimhall Last week, while government officials, security advisors, and members of the intelligence community were in Bahrain for the Manama Dialogue, Travis Brimhall, Head of the International Office for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), spend the week in Washington, D.C., speaking with members of the broader policy community to discuss the human[…]

Brookings Institution Releases Report on Basing Contingency Plans for US Naval Fifth Fleet in Bahrain

June 24, 2013 – Today, the Brookings Institution released a report by US Navy Commander Richard McDaniel titled “No ‘Plan B’: U.S. Strategic Access in the Middle East and the Question of Bahrain.” In it, Mr. McDaniel advocates for the need for a contingency plan for the possible relocation of the United States Naval Fifth[…]

ADHRB Urges US Government to Discuss Human Rights Concerns with Bahrain’s Crown Prince

WASHINGTON, DC – June 3, 2013 – This week, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain, is expected to meet with US Government officials during his visit to the United States. Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) calls upon US Government officials to raise[…]

Op-ed | In Bahrain, An Uprising Unabated

By Husain Adulla* More than two years after peaceful demonstrators took to the streets to demand reforms, Bahrain’s uprising has not abated. Activists and opposition groups continue to demand the basic human rights and political reforms promised to them by their government. Rather than meet the opposition’s calls for reform, the government of Bahrain has[…]

Op-ed | U.S. Foreign Policy in Bahrain Two Years after the Uprising

By Husain Abdulla* During his State of the Union address on Tuesday February 12, 2013, President Obama said that the United States will “stand with citizens as they demand their universal rights, and support stable transitions to democracy” in the Middle East. This statement may come as a surprise to many in Bahrain who have[…]