21 Medics in Bahrain Acquitted of Politically Motivated Charges

A civilian court in Bahrain today overturned the convictions against 21 Bahraini medics who had been convicted and sentenced last year for participating in illegal gatherings during the 2011 Bahrain uprising. Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) applauds the court’s decision to acquit the medics of these charges, but remains concerned about the fate of two medics whose appeal has not yet been decided.

“The acquittal of the 21 medics is welcome news, but we remain deeply concerned about the two medics whose charges still stand,” said ADHRB Director Husain Abdulla. “We are also very concerned about the lack of accountability for the abuse these medics were subjected to during their detention.” The Government of Bahrain needs to launch a full investigation into allegations of abuse against these medics and other detainees, and hold accountable those responsible for the abuse—including high-level officers,” Abdulla said.

While the acquittal of these 21 medics represents a positive step for the Bahrain government, more than a dozen medical professionals remain convicted of politically-motivated charges. Additionally, many of the medics who were acquitted have yet to return to work, and none have received compensation for the treatment they endured.

“For justice to fully be served, the Government of Bahrain must release the remaining imprisoned medics, compensate those who were subjected to abuse during detention, and reinstate them to their previous positions,” Abdulla said. “The Bahrain government must also launch an investigation into allegations of torture and hold accountable those responsible for the mistreatment and torture of medics,” said Abdulla.


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