ADHRB Supports Call for Investigation into Allegations of Misconduct by Bahrain’s Attorney General

Earlier this week, ADHRB joined calls for an investigation by the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), an international non-governmental organization of prosecutors, into allegations of misconduct committed by Bahrain’s Attorney General, Dr. Ali bin Fadhel al-Buainain.

A recent report issued by Ceartas-Irish Lawyers for Human Rights accuses Dr. Al-Buainain, in his capacity as Attorney General of Bahrain, of continuing to prosecute individuals for exercising their rights to free speech, expression, and association, and overseeing prosecutions in which due process rights have been denied to defendants. Ceartas also furnished information in support of claims that Bahrain’s office of Public Prosecution, which falls under Dr. Al-Buainain’s direction, has failed to investigate allegations of torture and abuse, thereby fostering a culture of impunity.

Following the issuance of Ceartas’s report, a complaint was submitted to the IAP by British barrister Toby Cadman. The IAP quickly responded to the complaint, agreeing to discuss the allegations and Dr. Al-Buainain’s continued membership in the organization at its next meeting.  In a letter sent by ADHRB to Mr. Thomas Burrows, a member of the IAP Executive Committee from the United States, ADHRB requested that Mr. Burrows support the IAP’s investigation into the alleged abuses.