2ND UPDATE: Bahrain Courts Postpone American Teen’s Trial Yet Again

Bahrain prosecutors further delayed proceedings in the case of 17-year old Virginia native, Abdulla Jaffar, postponing his trial until 28 May 2014. The reason given was that no witnesses were present in the court to testify. The continued detention of Abdulla Jaffar despite a lack of evidence or witnesses to any criminal act is further evidence of the systemic abuse of prosecutorial power that has unfortunately become common in Bahrain’s courts.  By his next court date, Abdulla will have spent over 75 days in prison, and out of school. His family remains concerned about his physical and mental health, noting that his condition has deteriorated over time.

With less than 2 weeks left before his trial date, there is still time to contact your members of Congress to speak out on behalf of Abdulla Jaffar and all of those unjustly imprisoned in Bahrain.  Use our template to write an urgent email expressing your concern about the arrest and mistreatment of an underage American citizen by Bahraini officers. Please use the following websites to find the contact information for your Representative and Senator.