Newsletter #91

Event Summary: Preventing the Next ISIS

02ac01c4-b2d7-4dd3-a1f2-f01fdd2d0402Panelists Charles Dunne (Freedom House), Mohamed al-Tajer (BHRO), Dr. Robert Herman (Freedom House), Frederic Wehrey (Carnegie) and Sarah Margon (HRW) discuss extremism in the GCC.

12 February 2015 – Washington, DC – Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB), with Freedom House, hosted an event on 11 February at Freedom House entitled “Preventing the Next ISIS: How the U.S. Can Work With Coalition Partners to Combat Extremism in the GCC.” Dr. Robert Herman, Vice President for Regional Programs at Freedom House, moderated the discussion over how the United States can further encourage its GCC allies to combat extremism through a respect for basic human rights.

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Updates from the Ground
  • More than 113 people were arrested, including 19 children
  • More than 100 trials postponed
  • More than 140 protests and sit-ins took place
  • Security forces continue to use excessive force including tear gas and shotgun pellets against protesters

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Arabic Articles

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Security Clashes Continue at Shops Close in Numerous Areas

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Mother of Detainee with Rare Illness Demands Treatment for Son

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Bahrain Court Upholds Sentence Against Head of Al Wefaq’s Shura Council

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