ADHRB Announces Representation in Geneva

13 May 2015, Geneva – Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) is proud to announce the establishment of a permanent representation in to the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2013, ADHRB began its engagement at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. In 2014, this engagement expanded to include regular engagement at each HRC session, and the establishment of ADHRB’s Special Procedures reporting program. Over the past two years, our international advocacy has seen great accomplishments, many of which have been a direct result of our growing presence at the United Nations in Geneva.

One of these key accomplishments included our work in advocating in support of a “Joint-Statement on the OHCHR and the human rights situation in Bahrain” delivered at the 26th Session of the Human Rights Council. The statement enjoyed the support of 47 UN Member States. ADHRB has advocated for greater State engagement on Bahrain, and welcomed statements from Member States such as Norway, Ireland, and Denmark, which have been encouraging to civil society’s strong and consistent engagement on Bahrain and Saudi Arabia at various sessions of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

ADHRB’s Executive Director, Husain Abdulla comments, “Today, we hope to continue building on ADHRB’s accomplishments in Geneva beyond the Human Rights Council sessions. We are confident that with a permanent representation in Geneva we can better inform and engage the international community to make human rights in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC States a priority.”

ADHRB Geneva therefore looks forward to participating in the wide array of Geneva-based international forums and mechanisms to further its engagement with the international community for the promotion and protection of human rights in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region.

For a pdf of this statement, please click here.