Mapping the Saudi State Chapter 3: The MOI (Part 2)

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In Mapping the Saudi State, Chapter 3: The Ministry of Interior (Part 2), ADHRB continues its study of the Saudi ministry tasked with maintaining internal security and enforcing criminal law. Through an interactive presentation and a comprehensive written report, ADHRB focuses on how the ministry has systematically persecuted human rights defenders and other nonviolent political dissidents. The two ministry-related bodies most responsible for this persecution are the Mabahith, or internal intelligence service, and the Specialized Criminal Court.

The Mabahith has long conducted police activities and operated separate prisons outside any public oversight. The Specialized Criminal Court, while technically independent of the Ministry of Interior, works under its influence to try and imprison peaceful political reformers as terrorists.

Chapter 3 ends with a lengthy list of recommendations for the Saudi government and its U.S. allies, offering reforms for how both parties can better align the ministry’s practices with basic human rights norms.

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