At UN, ADHRB Draws Attention to Case of Imprisoned Saudi Princesses

18 September 2015 — Geneva, Switzerland — On behalf of Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, Executive Director Husain Abdulla delivered remarks on the status of four Saudi women’s rights activists. These activists — Sahar Al Saud, Jawaher Al Saud, Maha Al Saud, and Hala Al Saud — are daughters of the late King Abdullah. Mr. Abdulla related that, since publicly calling for greater women’s freedoms within Saudi Arabia in 2001, the Saudi government has held the princesses under house arrest. First King Abdullah, and then his son Prince Miteb, employed members of Saudi Arabia’s National Guard to guard the four women. Mr. Abdulla communicated allegations made by the four women to the Council, stating that their guards have subjected them to various forms of ill-treatment, including withholding of adequate food and medical care and attempted violent assaults. He concluded his remarks by calling on the Council to bring greater attention to cases of arbitrary detention in Saudi Arabia. Read an English copy of his remarks here.

Video of the original remarks, delivered in Arabic, can be accessed here.