Bahrain’s prosecution orders further pretrial detention of Nabeel Rajab over politically-motivated charges

UPDATE: 5 January 2017 – Bahrain’s Public Prosecution Office (PPO) has extended Nabeel Rajab’s pretrial detention period by 15 days on allegations of “spreading rumours and false information,” according to the human rights defender’s lawyer. These charges stem from television interviews Rajab gave in 2014 and 2015. 29 December 2016 – The public prosecution in Bahrain today[…]

Bahrain’s Prosecution Detains Nabeel Rajab Despite Court-Ordered Release

28 December 2016 – A Bahraini court earlier today ordered the provisional release of human rights defender Nabeel Rajab on bail. However, the Public Prosecution subsequently ordered his continued detention for seven days, citing further investigation into another case in which Rajab is accused of “spreading false news,” likely to be related to letters published[…]

More U.S. Measures Needed to End the Devastation in Yemen

On Tuesday, 13 December, U.S. officials announced they would block the $350 million sale of air munitions to Saudi Arabia, citing the high civilian death toll from the kingdom’s intervention in Yemen. Media outlets were quick to cover the announcement, which followed months of increased tension between the two allies over the war. However, the[…]

Cluster Bombs and the UK’s Complicity in Saudi’s War in Yemen

On 20 December, the United Kingdom’s (UK) Defense Secretary Michael Fallon admitted that Saudi Arabian forces had used British-made cluster bombs in Yemen. Fallon’s admission before the House of Commons came after a government analysis concluded that the Saudi-led coalition had definitively used UK-manufactured cluster munitions in its ongoing intervention in Yemen. It also comes[…]

The UK Aids and Abets Saudi Human Rights Violations in Yemen

On 13 December 2016, the United States blocked some arms sales to Saudi Arabia over concerns of civilian casualties in the kingdom’s participation in the conflict in Yemen. The United Kingdom (UK) has refused to follow the United States’ lead, with Prime Minister Theresa May rejecting calls to end some weapons sales. Her rejection comes[…]