Former MP calls on Canadian government to help free citizen held in UAE

Salim al-Aradi is a dual Libyan-Canadian citizen who was arrested without charge in the UAE approximately 17 months ago. The Canadian government is currently facing allegations that they have were aware that the Emirati authorities tortured al-Aradi and yet failed to inform his family. According to Dan McTeague, a former Canadian MP, the government does not have “all the information,” but he acknowledged that an “allegation of torture is one that raises red flags.” As a result of these claims, McTeague stressed that it is incumbent upon the Canadian government to take up “a higher degree and level of involvement” in al-Aradi’s case.

Emirati security forces arrested nine other Libyan businessmen around the same time as Salim al-Aradi, including his brother, Mohamed, who was later released. According to Mohamed and Amnesty International, the authorities reportedly tortured several of them during interrogations.

It is still unclear if the  Canadian government will more strongly advocate for Salim al-Aradi’s release in light the recent media attention.


Margaret Bailey is an Advocacy Intern at ADHRB.