The Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality: What Canada’s Arms Export to Saudi Arabia Means For Its Commitment to Human Rights

Canada is regarded on the international stage as a beacon for human rights, liberty and the rule of law. It holds a rigorous stance towards exporting weapons and arms: that there shall be no trade with a country where there is evidence that these arms are used against a civilian population. However, a recent decision[…]

How Canada and Germany Make Exceptions in their Humanitarian Principles for Saudi Arabia

In the past few weeks, Germany closed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, reversing its stance on selling weapons to countries involved with the conflict in Yemen. The decision in January 2018 by Chancellor Angela Merkel that Germany would halt all arms sales to countries involved in the conflict in Yemen, such as Saudi Arabia,[…]

ADHRB Supports Canadian Calls for the Release of Detained Women’s Rights Defenders in Saudi Arabia

8 August – On Sunday 5 August, the Saudi government expelled Dennis Horak, Canada’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, ordering him to leave within 24 hours, while recalling its own ambassador from Ottawa. The decision is a response to a statement by the Canadian Foreign Ministry on 3 August expressing grave concern over Saudi Arabia’s arrest[…]

Canadian FM must call on Govt of Bahrain to release journalists and activists

The following letter was sent to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion. We, the undersigned human rights organizations, are deeply concerned by the continued targeting of individuals, including journalists, for their free expression in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As the Manama Dialogue defense conference is set to take place from December 9th to 11th,[…]

Former MP calls on Canadian government to help free citizen held in UAE

Salim al-Aradi is a dual Libyan-Canadian citizen who was arrested without charge in the UAE approximately 17 months ago. The Canadian government is currently facing allegations that they have were aware that the Emirati authorities tortured al-Aradi and yet failed to inform his family. According to Dan McTeague, a former Canadian MP, the government does not have[…]