ADHRB’s oral intervention at HRC43 on Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in the United States

ADHRB has delivered an oral interventions at the resumption of the United Nation Human Rights Council 43 under item 9 of the General Debate on Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in the United States.


Madam President

One of the duties of the Council is to address urgent and emergency situation when it comes to mass human rights violations with national and international consequences. As we are raising concerns under the Durban Declaration and Program of Action, this Council must address the ongoing racial discrimination against African Americans and people of color in the United States. It took the unfortunate killing of Mr. George Floyd by the hand of a Minneapolis Police officer for the world to turn its attention to the ongoing systematic institutional racism in the United States, particularly in the law enforcement and the judicial system both at the local and federal level. Recalling when Mr. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, publicly called on three elected women of color, members of the United States Congress, to go back where they came from. This should be a clear indication of the current state of mind of the leadership in this country. Both state and federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI have serious problems when it comes to racial profiling. People of color get scrutinized and subjected to legal harassment on the basis of the color of their skin or their systems of believe. The United States should not be immune from criticism from this Council which should address the racial injustice and systematic discrimination in the country.

Thank you