ADHRB deliver an intervention at HRC43 on racial discrimination practices in Bahrain

ADHRB has delivered an oral intervention at the resumption of the United Nation Human Rights Council 43 The Urgent debate on racial discrimination practices in Bahrain.

Madam President

What takes place in the United States in the form of systematic racism, police brutality, violence against peaceful protesters, and attacks on the free press must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. However, these same issues are frequent occurrences in many countries, like Bahrain, that are unfortunately members of the Human Rights Council.

In Bahrain peaceful protest are not only attacked, but citizens who take part in these protests are arrested, tortured, and sentenced to excessive imprisonment. Police brutality is a common term for the people of Bahrain, as the Alkhalifa government contracts the job of policing to foreign mercenaries.

In the government, there is clear racial discrimination against Afro-Bahrainis, who are excluded from high level positions and are barred from decision making roles like ministers and ambassadors.

There is also the disturbing practice in the palace of King Alkhalifa and his royal court to only employ Afro-Bahrainis in positions of servitude. The custom of having black servants as symbols of high stature still exists in the ruling class of Bahrain. Furthermore, it is inexcusable that American and other western ambassadors to Bahrain that attend meetings in the King’s palace see these practices without raising concern. I ask the council, what does this say about these countries’ commitment to racial justice?