Several Paris-based NGOs call upon the Mairie de Paris to cease all form of support for Bahrain “sport-washing” campaign

Since 2011, the Bahraini government violently represses any form of opposition and violates the human rights of its population. A number of political opponents have been sentenced to death by the authorities because of their involvement in the pro-democracy movement. Yet since July 2020, the Kingdom of Bahrain also owns 20% of the shares of the Paris Football Club. The City of Paris is one of the club’s oldest partners. While the Council of Paris is preparing to vote on renewing the yearly subvention the City allocates to the Club, several Paris-based human rights NGOs, including ADHRB, have decided to call upon the City of Paris to integrate a dialogue on human rights and the death penalty to its relationship with the club. The Paris FC regularly intervenes for free with many young Parisians through diverse socio-educational programs.

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