ADHRB demands the respect of the Yemeni people’s right to self-determination

On 21 September, ADHRB has delivered an oral intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 51 under item 3, during the General debate. ADHRB demands the respect of the Yemeni people’s right to self-determination.

Mr. President,

The Saudi Coalition, and all states that backed the expired Yemeni government in de facto exile and are currently backing the unelected Presidential Leadership Council, have severely violated the Yemeni people’s right to self-determination by launching an unlawful war without a U.N. mandate involving unlawful airstrikes and an unlawful blockade, that presents no identifiable military advantage that could justify the killing and maiming of more than 400,000 civilians or the extreme suffering among millions of people in Yemen.

We remind you of the words of the Special Envoy at the time, Jamal Ben Omar, who stated 3 weeks into the war: “When this campaign started, one thing that was significant but went unnoticed is that the Yemenis were close to a deal that would institute power-sharing with all sides” as intended by the Peace and National Partnership Agreement signed on this very day of 2014 and welcomed by the then U.N. Secretary General who called for its implementation without delay.

However, after 8 years of war, destruction, and ongoing serious human rights violations and crimes, we have a truce, the terms of which involved negotiating matters that the Yemeni people have an inherent right to as enshrined in international human rights treaties and conventions, notably the right to life, security, food, health, education, development and mobility.

Mr. President,

Given the U.N. is tasked with promoting and protecting all human rights, matters pertaining to human rights, such as lifting the blockade, should not be treated as a negotiating card but rather demanded by the U.N. to be upheld.

Thank you.