ADHRB raises Religious Discrimination in Bahrain at HRC52

On 31 March, ADHRB has delivered an oral intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 52 under item 9 during the General debate. ADHRB raises Religious Discrimination in Bahrain.

Mr. President,

We call your attention once again the targeting of Shia activists by Bahraini authorities in order to intimidate them from expressing their opinion. Recently in October 2022, four Bahraini Shia youths, including two children, were arrested for allegedly burning an electoral tent. During the arrest, they were severely beaten and verbally abused. They were also severely tortured to force them to sign confessions. At least two of the individuals reported that authorities used derogatory language and cursed their religious beliefs. The young men describe their treatment as part of Bahrain systematic crackdown on Shia opposition activists. Furthermore, Shia prisoners have been subjected to countless violations including medical negligence and strict restrictions during their religious celebrations. Recently, 14 Shia prisoners, who have been placed in isolation since August 2022, have complained of the extreme restrictions authorities have placed on them, especially during holidays and prayers. This is only one of the many violations they have been facing during isolation. In light of these continuous abuses, we call on Bahrain to respect its obligations and basic human rights by protecting the freedom of conscious and religious practice. We also call on Bahrain to end its religious persecution of Shia individuals.