Profile in Persecution: Sadeq Jaafar Ali (AlSammak)

Sadeq Jaafar Ali (AlSammak) was a 16-year-old Bahraini student from the town of Al Aali when he was arrested by Bahraini authorities on 5 October 2017, while he was on his way to school. The arrest was carried out without a warrant. During his detention, he endured torture, insults, solitary confinement, enforced disappearance, isolation, denial[…]

Kuwait’s Unlawful Citizenship Revocations: a Tool of Repression Leading to Statelessness

The right to nationality is a human right that cannot be disputed. Despite this, Kuwait uses punitive citizenship revocations as a tool for repression. The 1959 Kuwaiti Nationality Law broadly legislates that the state has discretionary powers to withdraw citizenship. This law has been used to arbitrarily revoke the citizenships of dissidents and ethnic minorities[…]

Forced Labor Complaint Exposes Saudi Arabia’s Migrant Worker Abuses Amid Vision 2030 Ambitions

The recent forced labor complaint against the Saudi Arabian government by the Building and Wood Workers’ International Union (BWI) underscores significant concerns about the treatment of migrant workers under the country’s Vision 2030 plan. This action by the BWI, representing 12 million members, serves as a stark warning to Saudi authorities, businesses, and investors about[…]

UAE’s Intensified Suppression of Freedom of Speech: The case of Israel

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently launched an extensive campaign to silence opposition, marked by a stark disregard for justice and human rights. This crackdown includes a series of arrests, summonses, and deportations targeting individuals who criticize Israel’s actions in Gaza, blatantly violating the right to freedom of speech. This disturbing trend continues the[…]

Profile in Persecution: Hasan Moosa Jaafar Ali

Updated: Hasan Moosa Jaafar Ali was a 16-year-old Bahraini student with learning disabilities when he was arrested for the first time without a warrant on 23 September 2013. During his detention, he endured torture, enforced disappearance, solitary confinement, denial of attorney access, isolation, reprisals, religious discrimination, and medical neglect. He was sentenced to a total[…]