ADHRB in HRC55: We Call for Pressure on Kuwait to End Racial Discrimination Against the Bidoon Community

On 28th March 2024, ADHRB delivered an intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 55 under item 9 during the General debate. ADHRB Called for Pressure on Kuwait to End Racial Discrimination Against the Bidoon Community.

The suffering of the Bidoon community in Kuwait has persisted since 1987 when the Kuwaiti government classified them as illegal residents, denying them basic services and imposing discriminatory restrictions.

Although the law claims to provide means for the Bidoon to obtain citizenship, the naturalization procedures are unclear, and citizenship and residency matters are not subject to judicial review.

The Bidoon lack property rights or equal access to services like Kuwaiti citizens. They are unable to obtain civil documents and lack the right to education, healthcare, and employment.

Kuwaiti Bidoon are deprived of their right to protest, with many activists facing harassment – including activists Mohamed Al-Barghash and Mona Kareem.

We emphasize that citizenship is a human right and urge the council to pressure Kuwait to end racial discrimination, respect its human rights obligations, and ensure the rights of the Bidoon community, including their right to freedom of opinion, expression, and assembly. We also encourage adherence to the Durban Declaration, the UN Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, and the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.