Profiles in Persecution: Faten Ali Naser

Faten Ali Naser is a 41-year old mother of four and housewife from Bahrain. She was released from Isa Town Women’s Prison, where she was arbitrarily detained for two and a half years. On 9 February 2017, as Faten was at her family home in the Barbar region of Bahrain, officers from the Special Security[…]

Profiles in Prosecution: AbdulMajeed Abdulla Mohsen

AbdulMajeed Abdulla Mohsen is an established Bahraini human rights defender and has been an advocate of civil rights in Bahrain since 2011. Also known as a “Father of the Revolution,” AbdulMajeed has a history of being unlawfully arrested for his activism. On 19 September 2018, AbdulMajeed was arrested for participating in a religious ceremony connected[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Habib Ali Mubarak

Habib Ali Mubarak is a 32-year-old Bahraini from Jad Hafes. He was disappeared, tortured, and convicted in an unfair trial, and his wife and infant son were imprisoned and held for eight months following his arrest. He remains in Jau Prison. On 21 October 2014, officers in plain clothing and masks, officers from the Special[…]

Profiles in Prosecution: Adel Abdulwahed Ebrahim

Adel Abdulwahed Ebrahim, a 20 year-old citizen of Bahrain, was coerced into turning himself into authorities on 21 September 2018. He was detained without due process, tortured by Bahraini authorities, and is charged with crimes he maintains he did not commit. In addition, Adel has been denied medical treatment for the injuries he sustained from[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Ali Ateya Ali

Ali Ateya Ali was employed in a mosque before his arbitrary arrest this year. He was beaten by Special Security Force Command (SSFC) officers, and has been denied access to legal counsel during his trial. He also suffers from a medical condition and is not receiving adequate care while detained. On 14 August 2018, while[…]