ADHRB Condemns UK High Court’s Sanction of Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

10 July 2017 – The United Kingdom’s High Court yesterday rejected a judicial review filed by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) questioning the legality of the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia in light of the kingdom’s deadly involvement in the conflict in Yemen. The High Court’s judgement clears the way for the UK[…]

Saudi’s Re-Election to the Human Rights Council is an Insult

On Friday 28 October 2016, the 193 member states of the United Nations cast their ballots in elections for the Human Rights Council, and 152 states decided that Saudi Arabia was fit to occupy a seat. The elections were for 14 of the Council’s 47 seats, one of which Saudi will occupy as a representative[…]

Saudi Arabia Flouts its Legal and Ethical Responsibilities in Yemen

On 8 October 2016, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition bombed a crowded funeral reception hall in Sana’a, Yemen, killing more than 140 and injuring more than 525 Yemenis. This is only one of the coalition’s most recent deadly attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Yemen. Since its entry into the conflict in Yemen in March[…]