ADHRB Condemns UK High Court’s Sanction of Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

10 July 2017 – The United Kingdom’s High Court yesterday rejected a judicial review filed by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) questioning the legality of the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia in light of the kingdom’s deadly involvement in the conflict in Yemen. The High Court’s judgement clears the way for the UK[…]

Despite ongoing human rights abuses the UK sells weapons to Bahrain

Isa al-Aali, a Bahraini activist, revealed to the Campaign Against Arms Trade that he was arrested and tortured by Bahraini authorities for attending a protest in 2013. Authorities accused him of throwing Molotov cocktails, and threatened to cut off his genitals unless he provided them with information. Al-Aali repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Following a three-month[…]