Special Procedures Publish Joint Communication Sent to Saudi Arabia on Women’s and Human Rights Defenders

From June through August 2018, United Nations (UN) Special Procedures sent five separate joint communications to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expressing concerns over a myriad of human rights violations ranging from the targeting of women’s and human rights defenders, reprisals, the conflict in Yemen, arbitrary detention and more. This blog series highlights these joint[…]

Saudi Arabia arrests 10 for their work promoting women’s rights

Update: Saudi officials released Aisha al-Mana and Dr. Hessa al-Sheikh on 23 May and 24 May respectively. The rest of the activists remain in detention. Many of them have reportedly been able to contact their families, although officials have not allowed Loujain al-Hathloul to contact either her family or her lawyer. 24 May 2018 –[…]