ADHRB Welcomes High Commissioner Bachelet’s Concerns Over Mass Denationalization in Bahrain

18 April 2019 – The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) today issued a statement expressing “alarm at the court decision in Bahrain that revoked the nationalities of 138 people after a mass trial” and raising concern that “the court proceedings failed to comply with international fair trial standards.” With this verdict, the[…]

ADHRB Condemns the Verdicts Issued in the “Bahrain Hezbollah” Case and the Denationalization of 138 Defendants

17 April 2019 – Yesterday, Bahrain’s Fourth High Criminal Court issued the final verdict in the trial of the so-called Bahrain Hezbollah cell. Despite concerns regarding arbitrary detention, torture, and ill-treatment, the court revoked the citizenship of all but one of 139 defendants on terrorism charges in a mass trial involving 169 defendants. This is[…]